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Reliable Cloud Backup Services

We provide highly scalable and secure Cloud Backup services to organizations and protect their data. For the capacity and frequency appropriate for your organization, we schedule you data to back up so you can have a peace of mind with no additional software or hardware to buy and have your data automatically mirrored off-site of whatever frequency or schedule.

Year-of-it service
8 +

Years of IT Services

400 +


95 %

Client Satisfaction Ratio

Average-respond time
<25 min.

Average Response Time

24 X7

IT Help Desk


Balance Flexibility and Control

FTP Sync / Backup

We help you make FTP backup in both Upload & Download directions with AES encryption, FTPS, bandwidth limitation, & zip compression.

Drive Image

We create images of the whole disk to allow you to automatically reinstall the system in a few clicks and with no interruption or reboot.

Open File Backup

Copy any file that is open or locked by other programs – we help you with our shadow copy functions and allow you to do backups.

Disk Backup / Network

Our cloud backup solutions include copy folders & files to any storage device like external USB drives, computers in the network, & NAS.

Database Backup

We provide easy-to-use backup software for SQL server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, & PostgreSQL for file backup to any destination.

Tape Backup

Backup data to any tape drive like DAT, LTO & more with our reliable backup service including password protection & compression.


Improve Operational Speed & Performance

Migrate to Cloud Environment

We help you to migrate to cloud that helps in improving workload scalability, stability, and environmental security.

Respond to New Demands

Our effective cloud strategy helps you enable an agile environment that leads you to fast respond to new demands and opportunities.

Portability & Scaling

We offer a rich catalog of cloud services to modernize applications that bring standard scaling, replication, and portability.

Cloud Native Applications

Our broad portfolio of cloud services helps you to get started with cloud-native that leads you to innovation through micro-services.

Secure & Scalable

We provide a scalable, repeatable, and secure path to the cloud for workloads and mission-critical applications.


What our customers say


I have total confidence in them. Be it engineering team, the project management team, or else - everyone was working together and provide great IT services.

- Samuel A.

We have no tolerance for downtime to our business and ABCT helps us to avoid these problems before they happen.

- Peter W.

We were very impressed with the response to our recent malware intrusion. The ABCT support staff was very active and responsive.

- Emma.

I appreciate the efforts by ABCT team. They always serve in the most professional manner. Every tech on site is proactive. Thanks for being here!

- Brian D.

It is quite relaxing knowing that ABCT team is there for us. I have always experienced quick and reliable services with positive results.

- Adam M.

I sincerely feel like they are around to provide us quality IT services and would surely recommending them.

- Sophia.

Affordable Monthly Fee For All Managed IT Services.
No Overhead Cost.


Covers basic IT requirements to streamline your business operations.

per User/ Per Month
Talk to Specialist
  • Starter services include:
  • 24x7 Unlimited Service Desk
  • Managed Workstation (PCs And Macs)
  • Premium Managed Server **
  • Enhanced Email Security
  • Phone System Support
  • Network Monitoring And Management
Business Plus

Advance IT solutions to help run your business more efficiently.

per User/ Per Month
Talk to Specialist
  • Business Plus services include:
  • 24x7 Unlimited Service Desk
  • Managed Workstation
    (PCs And Macs)
  • Premium Managed Server **
  • On Site Remediation
  • Managed DNS
  • IT Strategy Session (VCIO)

End-to-End custom IT solutions, specific as per your business needs.

per User/ Per Month
Talk to Specialist
  • Enterprise services include:
  • 24x7 Unlimited Service Desk
  • Managed Workstation (PCs And Macs)
  • Premium Managed Server **
  • Enhanced Email Security
  • Hardware And Software Procurement
  • Phone System Support

* Based on Number of Users ** Priced Per Device *** Must have Microsoft Office 365 E3

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