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Parallels – Access & Use Data from Any Device, Anywhere

Whether you are making switch from PC to Mac, or need to run Windows programs that do not have Mac version, or need to transfer your data - Parallels Desktop has you covered and allow access to use applications and data from any device & OS from anywhere. It is the fastest and most powerful application for running Windows on Mac without rebooting.

Parallels For Business

Parallels Remote Application Server is a top solution for desktop delivery and virtual application. It offers Windows apps to anyone using any mobile device or OS.

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Parallels For Home

The most powerful solution for running Windows apps on Mac and without rebooting and also includes Parallels Toolbox to perform essential tasks.

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Parallels Toolbox for Mac & Windows

Parallels Toolbox for Mac includes Mac and Windows tools that you have always wished you had at your fingertips and at the low price.

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Effective Cross-Platform Solutions


Copy and paste images, drag and drop files, share files and folders, and text between Mac and Windows applications.

Easy Setup

Parallels Desktop detects automatically what you need to get started so you are up and working within minutes.

Lightning Fast

Resource and graphic heavy Windows applications run smoothly without slowing down your operations on Mac.

Choose Your View

You can set Windows to occupy your entire screen so it looks just like it you were using Windows PC on Mac.

One-Click Tuning

Parallels Desktop will optimize your VM settings and performance for your selected design and development.


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- Sophia.

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