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Managed IT Services for Server Cloud

As your business needs change, the resources available to you can shrink or grow. Our dedicated server cloud IT services allow you access the required resources on demand. We offer proper server cloud solutions as per your business needs. As your business grows, your need for resources will grow as well. Our cloud server solutions scale to the capacity to well adjust in your business demands and power up your resource needs.

Year-of-it service
8 +

Years of IT Services

400 +


95 %

Client Satisfaction Ratio

Average-respond time
<25 min.

Average Response Time

24 X7

IT Help Desk


Quick Response Time & High Resource Availability

Launch a Cloud Server

We help you launch a new cloud server to build your new infrastructure with servers that are ready to go in a quick time.

Scale Resources On-Demand

Resources are dedicated to your cloud servers. We help flex your CPU memory and SSD storage to get the performance you need.

A Range of Powerful features

Cloud server includes all you needed tools. We help optimize your cloud servers with unlimited traffic & balance the load.

Adjust Cloud Panel

With our flexible packages, you can select the amount of RAM, CPU, and SSD storage according to your business needs.

Fully Documented API

Scale up your business resources & add additional servers to your cloud infrastructure with our fully documented API.

Stability & Security

Our cloud server services provide business-users the security and stability because any software problems are isolated from your environment.


Protected and Accessible Environment

Low IT Cost

We help businesses keep their IT budget down with our effective cloud solutions that avoid usual hardware issues of physical servers.

Faster Service

Get more resources and faster services with our highly efficient server cloud solutions than a similar-cost physical server.

Scalable & Affordable

Get scalability with cloud servers - it is easy & quick to upgrade by adding disk space & memory as well as being more affordable.

Optimum Performance

Our cloud services offer full flexibility to manage data on cloud platform to optimize your business operations.

Two Factor Authentication

Add 2FA for extra layer of security with our reliable cloud solutions. An added authentication for accelerated protection.


What our customers say


I have total confidence in them. Be it engineering team, the project management team, or else - everyone was working together and provide great IT services.

- Samuel A.

We have no tolerance for downtime to our business and ABCT helps us to avoid these problems before they happen.

- Peter W.

We were very impressed with the response to our recent malware intrusion. The ABCT support staff was very active and responsive.

- Emma.

I appreciate the efforts by ABCT team. They always serve in the most professional manner. Every tech on site is proactive. Thanks for being here!

- Brian D.

It is quite relaxing knowing that ABCT team is there for us. I have always experienced quick and reliable services with positive results.

- Adam M.

I sincerely feel like they are around to provide us quality IT services and would surely recommending them.

- Sophia.

Affordable Monthly Fee For All Managed IT Services.
No Overhead Cost.


Covers basic IT requirements to streamline your business operations.

per User/ Per Month
Talk to Specialist
  • Starter services include:
  • 24x7 Unlimited Service Desk
  • Managed Workstation (PCs And Macs)
  • Premium Managed Server **
  • Enhanced Email Security
  • Phone System Support
  • Network Monitoring And Management
Business Plus

Advance IT solutions to help run your business more efficiently.

per User/ Per Month
Talk to Specialist
  • Business Plus services include:
  • 24x7 Unlimited Service Desk
  • Managed Workstation
    (PCs And Macs)
  • Premium Managed Server **
  • On Site Remediation
  • Managed DNS
  • IT Strategy Session (VCIO)

End-to-End custom IT solutions, specific as per your business needs.

per User/ Per Month
Talk to Specialist
  • Enterprise services include:
  • 24x7 Unlimited Service Desk
  • Managed Workstation (PCs And Macs)
  • Premium Managed Server **
  • Enhanced Email Security
  • Hardware And Software Procurement
  • Phone System Support

* Based on Number of Users ** Priced Per Device *** Must have Microsoft Office 365 E3

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